Our commitment to mental health

The impact of our products

As a global organization, and a manufacturer of complete door systems designed explicitly for the mental health environment, we don’t want to just raise awareness of mental health, we want to change the way we see, treat and support mental health.  

We are taking steps as a company to become better informed about the impact of our products, and more importantly their design on patients in a behavioral health environment. Helen Whinray, Director at The Design Buro, states:

“It is important to consider not only the colour but the shade/tone, appearance and texture and how they are integrated with each other. You must also ensure the finishes are suited to the end user and their challenges, for example people with Autism can see colours differently and more intense. Natural wood can give the feeling of grounding, and using neutral off whites can create an expression of openness and light which avoids unnecessary clutter and confusion.”

This is why all of our doors come in a wide choice of finishes, exclusively chosen to complement a healing environment. And for every complete door system sold throughout May, we will be donating a percentage of their sales to NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness, to help them to continue their positive work.  

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May 10th 2021Posted by Kingsway Group

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