Design Review Panel


What is the Design Review Panel?

This is a team of professionals from a variety of backgrounds and qualifications that assist in critiquing our designs prior to launching to the market.

What is it for? 

We have introduced the Design Review Panel in order to bring you products that will succeed in your environment, every time, without fail. 

It enables us to hone our designs and ensure the products and solutions are going to work for everyone in each department, from architects drawing plans, clinical teams and service users operating the doors, project stakeholders managing and running facilities and visitors viewing environments.


Design Review Panel No. 1

In April 2017, we carried out our first Design Review Panel. This was focused on our SWITCH Doorset Solution, whereby we introduced a manual and automatic version of a new method of overcoming barricade situations with a double action hinge. 

The day was a great success and we gained an excellent amount of feedback and ideas which enabled us to hone the design to make it more suitable to all.

Kingsway Group |  USA Design Review Panel

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