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At Kingsway Group our mission is to increase the safety standards of ligature resistant hardware within mental health institutions and other health and safety environments that we work with. We aim to give the best support and guidance to all our clients from the implementation to suggesting alternative solutions to ensure that risk is dramatically reduced for both staff and patients in every facility.

New York State

As the 4th largest state in USA in terms of population and the state with the highest access to care in comparison to its size we are always happy to speak to contractors, architects and other building professionals working on projects within New York. As one of the neighbouring states to our US offices in Michigan we would be thrilled to discuss purchase options, give advice or discuss shipping for contractors looking to improve or implement ligature resistant hardware in projects based in New York.

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The bespoke design and development of behavioural healthcare environments means that no two projects will be the same. It is because of this fact that our team manages our consultation process in a unique manner, taking time to listen to the constraints and opportunities of your project. We understand the challenges and demands of your project and offer tailored advance to streamline and optimise your progress when researching and purchasing ligature resistant hardware.

For anyone considering Kingsway as their ligature resistant hardware provider, we welcome you to call or email us with any queries or concerns. We often guide our clients through the implementation and product recommendation to suit your project needs. By providing well informed and specific product information we can ensure that patient and staff safety risks are significantly reduced.

All of our ligature resistant door hardware, fixtures and fittings are tested to the highest standards. For more information on Kingsway’s product offering, certifications and further details and industry standards information please visit our Resource Centre.

If you are not based in or working on a project in New York, we can still assist you! We supply all of our products across the whole of USA and Canada. Please get in touch with our expert team if you would like to discuss your requirements or visit our How to Buy page.


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