KG270 Ligature Resistant Grab Bar
KG270 Ligature Resistant Grab Bar
KG270 Ligature Resistant Grab Bar

KG270 Anti Ligature Grab Bar

Kingsway ligature resistant grab bar is suitable for use in washrooms and shower areas and and can be installed both vertically and horizontally.  Specially designed anti-ligature open and closed end caps allow for easy cleaning and drainage.   Available in a variety of color options from the RAL color system.


Code Name
KG270  Anti ligature grab bar 18" 
KG272 Anti ligature grab bar 24"
KG273 Anti ligature grab bar 30"
KG274 Anti ligature grab bar 36"
KG276 Anti ligature grab bar 42"
KG278 Anti ligature grab bar 48"

All options are available in LH (left hand handling) or RH (right hand handling). This needs to be specified when ordering. 


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